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Mentoring is a service that is largely driven by the client and will see the mentor acting as a guide in which encouragement, wisdom and guidance is offered. The Mentor is often yet not always where the client would like to be or has walked a similar path in which the client is embarking on. A client is usually drawn to a particular mentor because of his or her specific life experience, knowledge, understanding and wisdom. It is through this relationship that the client can learn how in their own unique way to move towards goals personally, spiritually and/or professionally.  A mentor will use active and deep listening techniques and will assist a mentee to undergo self-exploration and examination to determine where they are at and get clear on where they would like to be. A mentor can help the mentee forge there own way forward in the direction of their desired outcome and reality.



"I loved having Jay as my Mentor. Jay's kindness, wisdom and professionalism helped me grow and discover ways to see things from different perspectives. I found Jay to be insightful and encouraging; he has a way of gently challenging me to extend myself, push past my comfort zones into the new. I would wholeheartedly recommend taking the opportunity to work with Jay. Once again, thank you, Jay, for all your support!"
- Michelle P

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