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The Harmony Centre is all about identifying fear and transmuting it back to love. It can be put in many ways yet I like to keep it simple, our main focus is to assist you to become liberated from self imposed limitations and fear based programming. When there is less fear there is more room for you and you are an infinite being of love. Indeed we are a spiritual being having a human experience (which gets bandied around a lot these days), yet imagine if you truly knew your self to be that spiritual being? And not just from a hedonistic mental understanding…Imagine truly knowing, experiencing and identifying as spirit in body/embodied in each and every moment. This my friend will change everything in your life! The road towards this is a journey of deep healing; it is a process of unbecoming and rediscovering whilst learning to love again. It's time to forget everything we think we know and remember, that which has been forgotten. We are all beautifully unique aspects of creation and it is your uniqueness that the world needs. It's okay to shine! It's okay to be the big bright shinning light that you are and we would love to assist you in your journey back home.

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Jay is a qualified holistic counsellor, life coach, mentor and interpersonal facilitator with several years experience in youth education and family support. He is passionate about assisting other ones to remember who they are, find purpose, actualise potential and create lasting change…

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