The Harmony Centre


Personal Spiritual Integration and Development class

Connelly Community Centre

7:30pm - 8:30pm Fridays

If you feel called to be the best version of your self and would like to explore and discover who you truly are then this could be a class for you. It's a wonderful opportunity for you to take some time out just for you, in a safe and nurturing space where all of you is welcome. A variety of tools to assist you on your personal spiritual journey are offered during these classes and it can be wonderful time of growth and learning

Men's class

Times/Location TBA

A safe space for men who are interested in personal spiritual growth and wish to be the best man they can be…

Violet Flame Meditation and Healing class



Join us on Zoom for a group discussion and guided meditation, which is all about giving back to our Mother Earth. If you are like me and feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to live here now and would like to share that appreciation with Gaia and all that live upon then this is a class for you.

The violet flame is an energy of transformation and transmutation, which raises lower vibrational energy into higher, more refined energies. The violet flame plays a very important role in the Age of Aquarius and it brings positive transformation to individuals, societies and the planet.

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