The Harmony Centre

Life Coaching

Coaching is a service that assists a person to grow, gain personal insight and to ultimately move forward into a more desirable reality. This is a modality that allows the responsibility of growth to be solely with the client/person seeking assistance. The role of the coach is to merely reflect and present different viewpoints and to question in such a way that assists the client to uncover their own answers and understandings. The client is known to be the expert in their own life and is in charge of what they wish to work on during each session. Coaching is a tool that assists a person to unlock his or her own potential and to gain clarity. It is about moving forward and is facilitated through deep listening in conjunction with the wise use of questioning.



"Jay held a lovely safe coaching space full of care and free of judgment which allowed me to access a deep exploration and acknowledgment of what I was going through leading to some healing. For guys or girls I really can say Jay has a heart of gold and is a fantastic coach/mentor."
- Deb W, Naturopath

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