The Harmony Centre


Although there are many different streams of counselling it is most often about healing, resolving and accepting something or things from the past. Here at the Harmony Centre we take a holistic approach to all our services and counselling in no different, which means we take into account mind, body and spirit. Together we will go about identifying and bringing resolution to issues in a person's history or current circumstances that are inhibiting him or her from moving forward or fully realising their potential now. Counselling is very reflective and a counsellor will use deep and active listening in conjunction with other therapeutic qualities so to create a warm, nurturing and safe space for a client to undergo self-review and reflection. A healthy therapeutic counselling space will allow a client's issues to come forward so that they can be processed, learned from and ultimately healed. Counselling is very much about healing self and harmonising the past so to be free in the present. A client or person seeking help will undergo his or her own self-exploration while being held in a safe and encouraging space by the therapist. Counsellors use wise questioning and reflection to assist a client reveal and uncover that which is holding them back.



"I was fortunate to have had a few counselling sessions with Jay, I found him to be very kind, compassionate and encouraging.
I felt safe through out these sessions, which enabled me to go to some well hidden and even painful places, I was amazed as he skilfully guided me with a series of questions which uncovered old beliefs and patterns which had created many limitations in my life.
I always came away from a session feeling like I had been heard, and Jay’s enthusiasm was contagious he gave me hope and courage which helped me to create the changes in my life that I had only once dreamed of.
I highly recommend Jay it was a wonderful experience."
- Lorraine C

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